BLOG: The C Word - Carpet Waste


When we think of a glam events, we often think of a red carpet. Across the event industry carpets are used to improve aesthetic and comfort across all different types of events, not just the glitzy ones. Sometimes these carpets can be in place for just a few hours before being ripped up and loaded back on to a truck. Event carpets can create a huge amount of waste if not sourced and disposed of responsibly. Apart from ensuring that all carpets we use are recyclable, what simple things can we all do to stop huge amounts of carpet going to landfill?

1.    Establish the need

Really think about how your guests will use the space and ask yourself whether carpet is necessary. For years the default solution in the event industry has been to lay carpet in most event spaces but is it actually required for the event? Try not to just use carpet as to automatic solution, really consider if it is required or whether there is a more environmentally responsible way to improve the look and feel of the venue flooring. Better still don’t use anything at all.

2.    Always reuse

If carpet really is the best option for the event, make sure it is reused. There are so many flooring suppliers that offer reusable carpet for rent there really is no excuse (or need) to use new. Find a supplier like Floorex that will lay, lift, clean the carpet ready for the next customer, often at a much-reduced cost to buying new. If you keep going back to the same event spaces think about having the carpet stored by them for the next time.

3.    Prioritise environmentally responsible venues

When looking for the perfect venue there are oodles of things to think about; location, size, layout, ambiance to name just a few. It can be easy to overlook the detail of things like flooring when trying to get everything just right. To avoid carpet going to landfill, flooring must be key consideration for our perfect venue choice. We must make sure we are really understanding a venues’ environmental and waste management policies up front. Those venues acting in an environmentally responsible manner should take preference over those that don’t.

We’d love to hear of environmentally responsible venues that should be on our priority list and of any ideas on reducing waste in the events industry. Feel free to add in the comments below.

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