The Team

With respective backgrounds in Event Management and Production Management. Charm-ed co-founders Joanna and Louise knew that events were the highlight of the business year - and not just for the free fizz. A strategically-planned, well-executed corporate event could have tangible and intangible positive repercussions months or even years down the line, boosting sales, productivity and morale.

So why were so many of them so - well, bad? From poor tech support and sloppy branding to plain old lack of attention to detail, so many corporate events proved embarrassing rather than awesome. And so the mission statement for Charm-ed was formed: to plan consistently extraordinary events.  

Charm-ed started small - just two women with a vision in a garage - but 4 years on, we plan and manage exceptional events year round. Just ask our clients.

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Joanna Martin

Joanna is a purple loving tea-obsessed crafter with a slight shoe and bag addiction - her justification is that an event company director needs a lot of quality accessories. She’s ticked quite a few things off her Bucket List including being her own boss obviously but ‘Be a contestant on Catchphrase’ is still up there despite the fact she’s applied three times...

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Louise Hayler

Affectionately known as Lou or Weeza, Louise can’t live without her hair straighteners or lip balm. She loves the thrill she gets when an event goes live, but she gets almost as big a rush from completing a complicated jigsaw - she’s a BIG jigsaw fan.

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And not forgetting the four-legged team member of the Charm-ed squad: Monty the Springer Spaniel. If he’s not snoozing or munching on cucumber, you’ll find him frollicking in the office garden. Oh, and if you hear a strange noise during a conference call, it’s probably Monts.